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      I have a bitmap and jpeg image, both of the same thing .  I want to be able to create different sizes and use a strict color palette  of 16 colors... They want me to set the actionscript up as 8-bit with 16 colors.  Although it's 8bit which technically is 256, it will only use the 16 colors I'm allowing it to use I believe.  What's the difference between using 4bit - 16 colors over using 8 bit with a strict color palette of 16 colors. Is there anything wrong with just using 8-bit with 16 colors?  Also if I have a PNG image that is identical to the JPEG and Bitmap can I change this to only use 16 colors?  Or is that really stupid?

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          Use the function Document.changeMode() with the mode set to ChangeMode.INDEXDCOLOR and IndexedConversionOptions with the number of colors set to 16. Then call it again with the mode set to ChangeMode.RGB (or ChangeMode.BITMAP as needed).