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    Pass x_scale and y_scale with Flashvars

      I put into html Flash tag this:

      <param name="FlashVars" value="arq=../swf/anim.swf&amp;xarq = 48&amp;yarq =48">

      First says which flash should be loaded, second and third parameters are x_scale and y_scale.

      Into Flash I put this:

      carregaAnim = function() {
      Anim = new LoadVars();
      xsize = new LoadVars();
      ysize = new LoadVars();

      tela._xscale = xsize;
      tela._yscale = ysize;
      tela._y = 0;
      tela._x = 0;

      System.useCodepage = true;
      Stage.showMenu = false;

      I can load the movie without problems but I can´t control x and y scale. I know have to convert to number and I try this, but without results. What do I have to do? What is wrong in my code?

      Thanks a lot!