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    Button Height

      A quick question to those out there in the know,

      When you set the _height of a button component, why is it not set in pixels? Its kinda awkward to use when it isn't in pixels, I am sure the component handles the resizing of itself based on its height, but say for example I set the height to 3, it isn't 3 pixels high...


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it's a component. it's set the way the author wants.

          when you use a component you trade convenience for limited flexibility.
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            In components the properties _width and _height are inherited of
            MovieClip Class and they should not be used in components, unless you
            want to distort the components.

            The setSize method resize the component correctly.

            buttonInstanceName.setSize(width, height);

            buttonInstanceName.setSize(100, 3);

            //or maintain width and resize only the height

            buttonInstanceName.setSize(buttonInstanceName.width, 3);

            Erick Souza