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    Create a comprehensive visual full responsive parallax website




      I was searching for a tool which allows me to create comprehensive visual parallax scrolling websites with a visual editor and so I installed a trail version of Adobe Edge Animate 2015 CC today. I already played around with some parallax examples in this forum and the ones described on EdgeCommons / EdgeDocks. Edge Animate seems to provide a lot of features but I'm not sure if a complete website like the highly acclaimed FWA winner project "makeyourmoneymatter.org" could be realized using this software.


      1. The scroll engine requires a fixed height but the height is limited to 10.000 pixels

      2. It seems like the scroll engine doesn't go along with a responsive layout?

      3. Using the standard scroll engine, all the trigger points and animations have to be set by trail an error in the timeline?


      Any advice on how a website like the one mentioned above (using Edge Animate) are highly appreciated! Is EA the right tool for a project like this?


      Thank you in advance and best regards