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    Storage Recommendations?

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi guys

      Can I pick your brains please? My PC has 4tb of space across 4HDs of 1tb each (OS, System Back-up, Active Projects and Project Archiving). I do keep portable on and off-site back-ups but my project archive files on the PC have hit the wall and I need to do something more organised to free up my PC to keep only my latest work archived there. Although I've been using the portables without a problem (Toshiba and WD Elements 2tb HDs) I read a report recently that suggested there's a serious risk of data degradation in all HDs, especially if they are not used regularly.


      I'm probably being too alarmist, but I thought I'd do a quick survey to see what truth there might be in this report and what you guys could recommend for client project storage?