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    Fireworks Disjointed Rollover MouseOut Problem

      Leaving Hotspot causes active area to go blank. I have an image that is segmented into 9 cubes; top row t1,t2,t3; middle row m1,m2,m3; bottom row b1, b2, b3. I am trying to rollover the outside cubes to change the image in the middle row m2. For example, if I rollover t1 and t2, the letters t1 will appear in the m2 cube until i reach t2 then it will appear in the m2 cube. Clicking t1 will make t1 the new default in m2 until another cube is clicked. The rollovers only work for me when im on one of the 9 cubes. When I leave the hotspots, my active area (m2) turns white. The same thing happens if I click a cube, and leave the hotspots. I used Swap to create these behaviors I have Restore image on mouseOut unchecked on MouseClick, but checked for MouseOver, as this is the behaviour I want. What could I be doing wrong?
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          I attached some code as a simpler example. In this example, I have two squares 1a and 1b. Upon loading the page, a 3rd square (2) appears between 1a and 1b. If I mouseOver 1a, square 2 becomes square 3. If I mouseOver 1b, square 2 becomes square 4. What happens in this example, is the same that happens in the example below, the correct behavior is exhibited, until i leave the squares, then the center square turns white. I can't figure it out.