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    Inner/Outer key crashes at high resolutions


      Working on some 4k (4096x2178) footage, working at "half" rez, and only just noticed that every single time I tried to render, it would crash.  Finally discovered that it would also immediately crash if the comp viewer was set to "full" instead of "half".  Luckily the subject I was wroking on was just a somewhat soft shadow, so pre-rendering a half-rez matte from this is not a problem at all.


      Adobe, I understand this is an older effect, but please please PLEASE don't let this effect fall into obsolescence!  It just saved my butt BIG TIME today.  It's just AMAZINGLY useful being able to use two masks to say "hey, look between these two shapes and find the edge for me, would-ya?".  I only mention this because I noticed in the documentation for this effect, it says something along the lines of "consider using keylight instead, because it's newer than all these moldy old keying tools" in so many words...