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    Layer from one composition not showing up in another composition

    cinnamonreverb Level 1

      I am creating an animated statistic video for the about Alzheimers, so I have one composition containing my animated text, and have inserted this composition into another composition that is functionally, a "final" composition containing all other compositions unrelated to my problem. My text comp has several text layers, all of which show up in both comps. Then my last text layer only shows up in the text comp, but not in the final comp labeled "stats." All text layers are 3D


      - eyeball is on

      - opacity is at 100% with no keyframes

      - using adaptive resolution

      - hiding all other layers does nothing

      - putting the text composition above other layers in the "stats" comp does nothing

      - I'm using CC 2015


      I'm relatively new to AE, so I'm sure it's something dumb. Thanks in advance!