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    Scale text on a path without effecting the path



      I have just started using After Effects and have run into this problem. I have tried searching online tutorials and this forum but can't find anyone that seems to have covered it.

      I am trying to get the text to follow a simple path, drawn with the pen tool, which proved easy enough. However I also decided I wanted to scale up the text as it moves along the path so that it's really small at the start and then grows to it's full size by the time it's reached the end. Every time I try this, the path gets scaled up along with the text, ruining the intended path; the path is fine exactly as it is. It seems that as soon as I select the mask in the text's path options, the two become one and I can't use the scale tool on just the text, is there a way to edit and animate them separately?


      I know this seems like an obvious question with a simple answer but I have been trying for a while and can't find a clear solution.


      Thank you for taking the time to help a beginner.