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    flvplayback multiple files streaming problem

      trying to change the contentPath (or even using just play.) seems to get stuck if there is a file who's stream has not completed yet. Is there a way to closeVideoPlayer(0); then reopen it. Would I need to use attachMovie after closing it? removeMovieClip was offered as a solution somewhere else which makes me think it could work as well, but there must be a simpler solution then removing and reattaching my FLVplayback component. Also the attachMovie states it requires a skin to be declared, and if there is no skin being used, I've made custom controls, how would I go about specifying this? I've also tried using getVideoPlayer after closeVideoPlayer, does not seem to produce the results I am after. I realize the SMIL option works, but this will not require it. Can anyone please help, this has been a major headache for a few days. All I need to be able to do is play a new video/audio flv file, no matter if the one currently playing is fully streamed or not. Right now the options offered in the help files completely destroy the functionality of the player, and forcing a user to wait per load before they can make a new choice is absurd and a terrible logisitic hack. thanks for any thoughts.
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          I have not had a problem with changing contentPath in Actionscript.

          Perhaps there are other FLVPlayback properties set that conflict.

          Here is a quote from docs:
          "If you set this property through ActionScript, the FLVPlayback instance closes the current FLV file and immediately begins loading the new FLV file. The autoPlay, totalTime, and isLive properties affect how the new FLV file is loaded, so if you set these properties, you must set them before setting contentPath property.

          Set the autoPlay property to false to prevent the new FLV file from playing automatically."
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            erokshok Level 1
            hmm, I need it to auto play, and this is not the first time I saw it posted, I fixed it by removeMovieClip, on press attachMovie, (this movie has the player nested within), changing a root /global variable:String; on press which stes the url that the movie player being loaded calls for. Seams to cut the stream, but I have not had it return the properties to inspect if that is actually the case. I have seen other work arounds, but could not get them to work for me. Thanks though.

            PS it's progressively downloading not streaming, which may have caused the confusion and the post title should be changed, super hury now though so no time.