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    Lightroom does not import JPEG Images correctly


      I have a Canon 7D. Recently I changed from RAW to JPEG files. This is caused by Lightroom changing the exposure in the import process by -1.63. This is a Lightroom bug only when importing JPEG files. I can copy JPEG images to my hard drive and the images are fine on my computer and my son's computer verified by using the preview app in Windows. In the initial copy, I can see the images are visually OK, but in the latter part of processing, two things are changed - the exposure and the the contrast is changed to medium. As soon as I import them to Lightroom from any source (camera, hard drive or Compact Flash), they are altered. Then I must correct them back to in-camera settings at zero exposure change and linear contrast. Lightroom has applied the two actions in copying/importing the files without my direction to do so. I am losing quality I think, probably losing lower light frequencies. The light histogram is to the left as you would expect. I switched to JPG recently and add a few RAW images when I want to. RAW is fine. Lightroom does not alter those. How do we get this fixed other than applying an import preset or changing one and copying the zero exposure and linear contrast? I figured this was a problem in version 5, I fully expected it to be fixed by version 6, which just purchased exhibiting the same behavior. I see others have already reported this problem. I expect the image to be as it was in the camera with full resolution after import!!!!! Lightroom is not functioning properly and needs to be fixed.