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    How can I view .NEF files from Nikon d750 in Bridge/Photoshop CS6?


      I've checked the camera raw preferences and they are both 9.1 so I should be able to see the images but am not able to open them to edit. I've also checked the preferences on Nikon Transfer to see if there as something off there but everything seemed OK. I'm also not able to convert the .NEF files to .dng files so I could edit those. Please help.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Nikon Transfer (and View NX) is obsolete if it is from your previous camera.  The obsolete Nikon software will corrupt raw files from newer cameras if it is used to copy or even view the newer raw files.  It’s not a bad setting in the software, it is software that wasn’t correctly programmed by Nikon. 


          You should uninstall all the old Nikon software and only use Nikon software that came with your newest camera or not use any Nikon software to be safe.  Bridge can download files from your camera so you don’t need Nikon Transfer.  You can also just use the OS file copy utilities.


          If you still have the NEFs on the memory card then retransfer them w/o using any Nikon software.  If they’ve been removed, already, then you can use the following utility to correct this specific corruption: