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    Why does LR CC Skin Softening Adj Brush Flatten the skin?

    PhotoJohnWS Level 1

      I like the LR skin softening brush and I have learned to create a custom "flavor" for different types of skin.  But it seems that every "recipe" I create still "Flattens" the skin tones between the cheek and the eyes and I loose a measure of "depth" and contrast of the face.  In some instances, this is the desired result, but in most instances, I have to go back with a second sweep of light under the eyes and over an eyebrow and sometimes down the nose.  Additionally, I may also have to add a little more color and "pop" to the cheeks too. After taking both of these steps, I am then required to use a variable level of "erasure" to blend a seamless change between tones to reach the desired level of contrast and depth.  This process works, however in most cases, the "desired level of contrast and depth" (although rough and not softened) was already present before I applied the skin softening.    


      So long story short, which is a struggle for me..... Is there a method to soften the skin, without turning it into a 3 or 5 step operation? 


      Thanks in advance!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          The major part of skin softening involves removing detail or blurring. Removing contrast is one way to do this. The default skin softening brush dials down the clarity, which is just contrast for the mid-tones. My version of the skin softening brush uses a drop in sharpness so that the clarity drop is much smaller.

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            PhotoJohnWS Level 1

            Ok..... this makes sense....  in most of my skin softening presets, I have increased the Clarity from the default  "neg-100" to somewhere around "neg-65"  and then also reduced my sharpening levels some too.    I have noticed that fair skinned blondes can take more negative Clarity than tanned brunettes...        Your explanation about what Clarity does in regards to the contrast of mid tones, helps explain that.  There would be much more natural contrast with a skin tone that is tanned, over that of a light complexion tone.       And, I also understand that you are (in some cases) using the "sharpen" adjustment to reach your softness, rather than using the Clarity... which by your explanation - would not adjust the "contrast" as much.          


            Good tips  ....    I will try that.....   I need to try something....  taking 5 steps to soften the face is fine, unless you have 25 images to do ..... then it is really a pain.  





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              PhotoJohnWS Level 1

              Here is the example of what I am dealing with.   I guess I don't have a huge problem with it, .... except that I can't understand why it happens and I don't like having good control over my export sizes.   


              The first item on the list is the Full Size image (which is a cropped 5x7) and you can see the exported image size is 1783kb    

              As you look down the list, the numbers that follow "MM" show various "Limit File Sizes" for the exact same export.  No other size restrictions were picked and you can see how the numbers start to change and "not" change.   


              Notice between 1750 and 1700 the file size drops 724kb and then that file size does not change again until the "Limit File Size" changes to 999 where it then drops another plus-30%. 


              This is the crux of my problem... I would like to keep a file size as close to the 1500 kb mark as I can, but it appears that the "Limit File Size" has no real control of the final outcome!




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                PhotoJohnWS Level 1

                Ok.. new question ..... How do you delete a comment that is placed in the wrong thread?  hahaha     

                Joe, I mean to reply to the discussion you helped me on two weeks ago regarding export file size   

                I guess once I type and send something, there is no editing it....  (I will remember that) 


                Sorry about this... 

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Adding a hint relevant to 'Skin Softening' brush-

                  If you have changed several sliders for a brush effect,  eg. Clarity+Contrast+Sharpening,  Then there is a quick way to adjust the overall effect of all the brush sliders-

                  Click the small black triangle in the top corner of the brush panel (Shown in second screen-clip)- now adjust the "Amount" slider to lessen the effect of all sliders.

                  ScreenShot012.jpg  ScreenShot013.jpg