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    Big Problem


      When will adobe offer a site license agreement for ColdFusion? Various companies that I have spoken with are sunsetting CF application because of CF's cost as it compares to other platforms. This is an issue for current CF developers who are looking for career opportunities.

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          nic_tunney Adobe Community Professional

          When you say site license, do you mean one license that covers all CF implementations across your enterprise?  Adobe redid the licensing a few years ago (although I don't remember if it was with CF10 or CF11) and tried to make it make more sense from the older licensing agreements to make things easier.  I don't see them ever going with a site-wide license (if I interpreted that correctly above).  I'm not sure of server products that price that way, especially when you consider that a site might define hundreds of servers across thousands of cores.  You can always take a look at Lucee (lucee.org) if your organization can't support Adobe licensing. That discussion has been hashed out on other sites so I won't cover it here, but there are pros and cons to both paths.