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    Accessing current display window co-ordinates

      I have a canvas displayin image(using loader) by fetching the bytearray from webservice. The canvas is placed inside a panel consisting auto horizontal n verical scroll bar, as canvas grows on zooming the image, I need to reposition the horizontal and vertical scroll bar position to focus/center on the mouse click point on image.
      I'm capturing the mouse click point on canvas and repositioning the scroll bars which will bring the clicked point(zoomin area) inside the current display area, but its not comin to the center.
      I knw tht if I could able to get the current co-ordinates of image inside the current display window, I can easily make out where is the clicked point in current display area. After that I can change the scroll bar values to display them clicked point in the middle.

      Please anybody could tell me how to get the co-ordinates of poriton of image(on canvas) which is in current display area.