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    Paypal Buttons

      Please help: I am trying to paste the html code that paypal gives you for online shops in my flash 8 web document. Please let me kow if there is a way to get it done?
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          so when you click one of those buttons it looks like this...


          I can't recall the exact things you need, but you can find that easily on these very forums, -- I've seen it before. So anyway, you can do it like this...
          //put this code on your button

          onRelease() {
          getURL(" http://www.paypal.com?whatever_Strand_you_need");

          OR, and this would be the better alternative, you can use the loadVariables class to send the same strand, but its hidden from the viewer. (although not secure, just hidden from the browser).

          does this point you in the right direction?