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    Smart Previews 'lost'

    ianbutty Level 1

      I have been creating smart previews for most of my catalog for the last week.  About 140,000 images as I will be without access to my main image drives for 5 weeks and still wish to work on the lightroom catalog during that time.


      I left LR creating the last few overnight.  Durring that time Window 10 decided to install updates and reboot my PC (presumably without closing down LR first... Grrrr) as this morning the catalog was corrupt AND I had to reset the security on my Lightroom catalog drive!


      LR successfully repaired the catalog and I can now open it BUT there are no smart previews for any images.


      Looking on the disk - the Smart Previews.lrdata folder structure has been renamed to TemperaryRepair <catalo Smart Previews.lrdata.- I have tried renaming this back to match the name of my catalog but LR still thinks there are no smart previews.


      As it has taken me a week to generate all the smart previews I want is there any way to re-associate the folder and previews with the catalog. 



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          ianbutty Level 1

          Should have added LR CC 20151.1.

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            ianbutty Level 1

            Looks like the problems was a windows 10 permissions issue - I am guessing that LR was reporting no smart previews because it couldn't see the content of the folders.  I had to (AGAIN) reset the permissions of the folder structure and hey-presto LR can new see my smart previews.  Phew!


            What is it with W10 and file permissions? - I am constantly having to grant permission to view my own files and folders!!!  (Not expecting an answer, it's a rhetorical question/rant).