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    CC disappear and logs me out. - repeat.

    GrafikLVM Level 1

      Hey everyone, i noticed that some of this issues are already known at the users...


      yesterday i noticed, after my software popped a message for licence, that the icon on the menu-bar (OSX yosemite) had disappeard.

      so i tried out to delete the opm.db file in the OOBE folder and logged me in again. yesterday it seems good. today not.

      i does this exactly again and realized, that after a niew log-in, the opm.db appeared and disappeared immediately, three/four times!

      i could log-in in CC but now my OOBE folder is without the opm.db file. and now the icon in the bar is away again.


      this is really a annoying problem, when you keep in mind, what we are pay for! ooh, i miss the times before CC...really.

      but what can i do? please no suggestions for try out another user on osx. this is no solution. i have MY user and i want to use HIM :-)


      should i completely delete the OOBE folder? or maybe the .xml file??

      or other suggestions? thats would be great!

      sincerely marco


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