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    Creative Cloud Not Working


      For months, whenever creative cloud was open, it would drain my battery, chew up CPU, and cause my macbook pro to run hot (to the point that it wrecked my battery). I was able to run my apps for work such as photoshop, illustrator, and premiere pro. I was unable to update my apps because I would also get the blue spinning wheel under apps. I tried all of adobe's checklists to remedy the problem. Today I (STUPIDLY) uninstalled everything adobe from my system and tried to reinstall Adobe CC. I still got the spinning blue wheel under apps, which left me unable to install any version of photoshop or other apps I need to use from day to day for work on my machine. I contacted support and spent several hours watching the support person go through troubleshooting I had already done (which I welcomed) to no avail. She offered to escalate my issue to senior support, and I'm supposed to hear back "within two days". Also, there is no way to access photoshop or any of the other apps without Creative Cloud. I tried to run the Creative Cloud cleanup utility, but it doesn't even load (just says not responding). I'm pretty frustrated with Adobe for this issue. I've been an adobe user since Middle School and have been using creative cloud since just about the beginning. Any suggestions besides waiting and having to wait on senior support to get back to me before I can actually work?