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    Printing - With Dynamic Text Fields


      i wonder if anyone can help me........i know there are a lot of posts already on how to print out dynamic text but all of them seem to be using scrolling text fields.

      However my problem isn't even as complex as this but i still can't work it out.

      At the moment i have a form of text boxes which the user inputs text.............from here there is a print button.........in order to compile all of the answers together i have created a movie clip.........with the layout of the printed page on it, and placed this on the main timeline. Inside this movie clip to be printed i have dynamic text fields...which link to the text fields which the users inputted data in, therefore both sets of text fields contain the same data, when you change one the other should change.

      I have set up a very simple printJob command to print out the movie clip named print_mc and it prints the page even the outline of the text boxes but it doesn't print out the content which appears on the screen. my code is attached below.......please if anyone could help i would be very grateful :)

      print_btn.onRelease = function() {
      _global.aOneVar =oneAPone.text;
      _global.aTwoVar =oneAPtwo.text;
      var myPrintJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
      var result:Boolean = myPrintJob.start();
      if (result) {
      myPrintJob.addPage("print_mc", null, {printAsBitmap:false}, 2);
      delete myPrintJob;
      } else {