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    actionscript file and fla file doesn't recognize each other


      I downloaded adobe flash professional CC (trial version) this morning on my pc and I'm truly a beginner.

      I want to use actionscript 3 code with a fla object and I used a tutorial (and many other afterward) in order to perform this task:

      -make a square

      -convert it to symbol and name it "test"

      -write my code as a .as targeting my .fla file using test for my usable variable.

      -save them

      and when I wanted to launch my program I got my blue square as non-interactive .swf

      so I tried to debug my code in the debug window which tell me that there is no actionscript code in my .swf

      Finally I copied my code in the action window and I got numerous message telling me that "test" was not defined.


      I need some help please.