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    Lightroom  Mobile Sign-in Fails

    Fauxtō Level 1

      When I click on Sign in in the Get started with Lightroom Mobile, nothing happens. No login screen, no error message. None of the images that I had synced are marked in my Collections panel. I can see images in LR Mobile online and on my iPad, but they're not updating. LR CC 2015, iMac running OS 10.10.5. Active Adobe ID. Any suggestions? I really miss LR Mobile!

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you try to re-sign-in via the Creative Cloud app. So quit Lr Desktop, re-sign-in via the CC- app and launch Lr Desktop afterwards. Don't forget to start the sync process via the top lef identity plate. - Guido

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            Fauxtō Level 1

            That fixed it. Thanks so much!

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              Hmmm, I was very hopeful this would fix the same problem for me, but it didn't.  I shut down LR 2015 CC app on a Win10 PC, then went to the Manage Account area of the CC App, which takes one to the Adobe website (I'm using Google Chrome).


              I first enabled Two Factor Authentication - all successful.  Then logged out.  Then logged in.  Then started LR and went to the Edit | Preferences menu, to LR Mobile tab.  It presented the ID/PW screen, then sent the 6 digit code to my phone.  After entry of the code, the screen hangs, and LR Mobile collections to not appear. 


              LR Mobile is working successfully on two of my mobile devices running Android - a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge phone, and a Galaxy 10.1 Note.


              Can you help?