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    Post Form Date to different server?

      How can I achieve this?

      "Currently, you redirect back to the client’s original domain. What we need is for you to add a condition that would check for the referrer (in some way or another; e.g. a GET variable, which would be the best way, or through the HTTP referrer) and redirect based on that. So that any traffic from maloneyvision.proxy.voicestar.com goes back to that domain."
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          CutterBl Level 1
          So, you are posting a form's results to another domain? Or someone is posting to you from another domain? So you could have a 'redirect' form field in the form, which contains the domain of the referrer:

          <input type='hidden' name='redirect' id='redirect' value='#cgi.http_referer#' />

          Your form processor then uses this value to redirect after processing is complete.

          <cflocation url='#form.redirect#'>