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    selectedNode vs getTreeNodeAt()

    JR SP
      Is selectedNode different from getTreeNodeAt()?

      I have an application I am working on that uses the tree component that acts as a file management interface. A user can upload to a specific folder which he or she clicks on. They will perform an upload and the tree will be refreshed from an xml document retrieved from the server. Ideally, when the tree is refreshed, it should select and expand the folder the user was working on.

      I have some code that does the expansion of a node:

      function ExpandMyNode(myTree,myNode)
      var sel=myNode;
      while (sel!=null)

      If myNode is set to something like myTree.getTreeNodeAt(0).getTreeNodeAt(0) , this code works perfectly. However, if say myNode is set to myTree.selectedNode and the code is run, it doesn't work.