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    An Open Letter to Adobe.......

    tigapa Level 1

      After today I'm totally disappointed with Adobe Customer Support. I spent the better part of my day trying to reach a support person in the USA...believe me it's totally impossible. I was given 4 different numbers and the ALL led me to India. I did 7 chats and they all went to India.


      I finally found a number for an office in Cal....when I call I was able to speak to an American...I explained my difficulties....

      He promised me that an "expert" from his office would call in soon.....a few hours later someone called....yep you guess it

      Another person from India!!!!


      I'm over it Adobe......I have taught your products at the university where I teach, I have supported you and stood up for you when others wanted

      to kick you off campus, I've encouraged students that you have the best products out there...and I have led workshops across the US about Adobe product....

      No more my friend...if you can not provide me with great tech support from persons that don't have language problems I can no longer stand behind you and support you.


      I really thought that CC was going to be amazing and that Adobe was really trying to be helpful....After todays experience with you I'm not so sure of that any longer...I think you are more interested in the mighty dollar than you are in helping your clients. It's been such a sad day filled with disappointing realization about a company I trusted for such a long time. I honestly hope that changes are coming you and Adobe will become interested in it's clients.


      Remember...Actions Speak Far Louder Than Words.