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    Problems with aaf into premiere pro cc


      Hi everybody

      I´ve got a project at 4K at 50fps with some footage from Red epic, go pros and external footage. I started my project editing in Avid and importing and AAF to Premiere pro CC. Everything work normaly, my Fx are translated, my shots are relinked but only my RED ONE footage is slipped into the editing segment. The cut list is correct, every cut is respected, but the shot is 4, 6,10, or 37 frames slipped either (meanwhile Gopros and external are perfect edited on the timeline). I checked up all the TC and they seemed be corrects and the audio to. It seems that the source TC in avid´s timeline doesn´t match with the same source TC in premiere. The real issue is why it doesn´t match for RED ONE and it does for GOPRO or any other clips. It could be a problem of REDONE or may be premiere needs a plugin to work with premiere (as Avid does)


      Thank you for your attention