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    LoadVars() not working

      My flash file loads variables from external text files. When I run the swf file as a stand alone player it works great. However, when I publish it with an html file and try to open it with the html file (from my local harddrive with all files in the same directory), the swf is unable to load the variables from the external text files.

      Here is a segment of my code:
      myConfig = new LoadVars();
      myConfig.onLoad = function(success)
      if (success)
      ///// Get Course Name variable from ini file /////
      myCourseName = this.courseName;
      ///// Get copyright variable from ini file /////
      myCopyright = this.copyright;
      ///// Get Lesson Title variables from ini file/////
      myLessons = new Array();
      myLessons = this.lessons.split(";");
      ///// Get page variables from ini file /////
      totalContent = new Array();
      totalContent = this.pages.split(";");
      ///// Get title swf variable from ini file /////
      myTitleScreen = this.titleScreen;
      ///// Get disclaimer info from ini file /////
      myDisclaimer = this.disclaimer;
      ///// Get overview info from ini file /////
      myOverview = this.overview;