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    master pages InD 6 - importing from MWord


      Client sent a formatted book of approx 200pp w/15 chps in MWord. It's all one story. No sections or breaks for chps.


      I realized by mistake, I cannot copy/paste w/o losing some formatting. Therefore I imported into InD which saved the footnotes in body text etc. and the footer footnotes still link (and follow) the matching text footnote.


      I also realized this created a single master page for entire book. As I generate header text (incl chp # & title on right hand page) in the master, it of course adds this same header to ALL pages as it should.


      If I attempt an additional master page for each chp, based on first master page (A) (to continue all the guides etc), I then cannot select the header to edit it for the next chp. Even shift-select does not work. I cannot edit headers in additional masters.


      Plus I do not see folios at bottom, only the cap letters for the master (A). In an earlier attempt with copy/paste of same Word doc, I had no problem with masters. Folios appeared and automatically sequenced through each page, even with additional masters for each chp. Plus I could select the headers and edit them accordingly for chps.


      It appears it's the import function that's really creating reformatting problems in InD. It's bad. Subtitles, leading space etc, all are nightmare to reformat to my layout design I originally submitted to client.


      Main question is how can I create masters that work for each chp which also display sequential folios throughout book?


      I tried reformatting Word doc into Sections for each chp, but that made matters worse in that, the sections then had their OWN number sequence each starting with page 1. I thought by importing Sections, perhaps a new master could then be created for each chp. But no go apparently.


      thanks for any solutions...



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Forget Word formatting in InDesign.
          2. Word does not know Master Pages, InDesign does.
          3. Build your document up with Paragraph and Character Styles.
          4. Avoid any manual formatting
          5. Avoid any empty paragraph (twice return)
          6. Set up text variables build up on the paragraph style of your headlines.
          7. Insert these text variables into the text frames of the master page, those should be on a separate layer on the top.

          Of course, you could override master page items with shift click, but I will strongly recommend you, never to do so.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            To override the headers, use Cmd(Mac)/Ctrl(Win) + Shift & click.


            But you might want to look into using a Running Header variable instead to pick up the correct text, then you can use a single master.

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              icfives Level 1

              Thanks Willi. I did follow you steps originally when attempting the book as copy/paste into InD but realized superscript fnotes in text failed to appear. That's main reason I resorted to importing the Word doc.


              I most definitely agree trying to bring a formatted doc into InD is a disaster at least as a book.


              I'm completing it manually to finish the book.



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                icfives Level 1

                Thanks Peter for tips.



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                  icfives Level 1

                  Another concern has arisen while completing this now 250pp book. All text with subtitles and chapter titles etc. I have a master for each chapter (approx 15). Footnotes, headers, etc


                  InD is seriously slowing down. I'm running a 2009 iMac w/ 12G ram and external 2TB hdrive. iMac has 1TB hdrive. Plenty of hdrive space. No other programs running with exception of browser and sometimes Word for checking pages against the InD file.


                  I googled for this issue. I turned off Preflight and page previews in the Page palette. Yet, when I save the doc, a window appears indicating it is saving page previews and takes a few seconds.


                  I have screen display on Typical, not high quality. I thought I could adjust ram in InD but apparently it does this automatically with CS 6? I couldn't find any place to allocate ram.


                  Sometimes as I cut/paste from one page to another, then move the paste into position, it is sticky, hesitates and will not move instantly as normal with smaller docs. Very aggravating and time consuming.


                  This book file is only 16MB as InD doc. I've worked on 100 page, full color magazines (120MB) and never had this kind of slow down and that was with page previews and Preflight on.


                  Any ideas or solutions?  thanks


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                    Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                    you are using to many masters. If you would work with text variables you could reduce it.


                    ARe your images linked or embedded? Link them only. Never embed them.


                    WHat graphic types do you use? Avoid EPS, use PDF instead.


                    Try to turn of live preflight which does sometimes slow down the speed.

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                      icfives Level 1

                      thanks Willi. I'll look into text variables.


                      Book has no images like EPS or PDFs. But I agree PDFs are preferable. And I don't embed them.


                      Preflight is turned off.