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    Quickfix - Working with Mask tracker


      Hey again, thank you for your awesome support. what i want to do is track a mask possibly without 3D tracker. i have two clips and i want to blend a layer from below to the upper layer, i want a tracked mask that moves with a point on the upper layer. i got the tracker right, ticked roto bezier and watched a tutorial about tracking of masks. The guy in the video is deselecting all the layers by clicking into empty space and than he only selects the mask of a layer, not the main layer itself. After only selecting this mask, the tracker "switches" to a mask tracking option and he only presses the play/analyze button. after this his mask is moving with the objects of the clip, blending out one object completely. My lil error i have which blocks all of my work is that when i deselect all the layers and only click on the mask of a layer, it also kinda "highlights" the main layername. The tracker sees 2 objects marked and does not switch to mask tracking option. what am i doing wrong or where have i been blind. thank you for your help, as i probably wont reply, but i will read for sure. best regards RedCriterion,


      corrected some errors ~OP