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    Imported file not showing in the correct subfolder

    dasams Level 1

      I've been a LR user since the first release and I've always imported my files into separate subfolders from each shoot.  In the past, they've always been shown in their correct subfolder when I'm in the Library module and looking at the Folder view on the left side.


      On recent imports, LR has started showing my subfolders as being in the root directory.  If I hover over the subfolder and right click and choose Update Folder Location, the subfolder will be moved to it's proper location.  I import my files on an SD card inserted into the reader built into my MB Pro.  Settings are Copy to Hard drive and I've checked Into Subfolder and By Date.


      Is this a bug or have I inadvertently changed one of my settings?  TIA, Dave


      LR 6.1.1

      Mac Yosemite 10.10.5

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          PIRose Level 2

          I'm another longtime Lr user who's started having a similar problem (since upgrading to Lr 6.0/ Mac Mavericks  10.9.5). I could use the OP's wording almost verbatim for my issue...except for the part about "showing my subfolders as being in the root directory." Unlike the OP, if the subfolders I request during import are in fact showing up somewhere, I haven't discovered where that is.


          In my case the requested subfolder is not created at all, so all the imported files are in the parent folder directory and then must be moved into a new subfolder after the files import (i.e., moved manually to a folder that I must create and eventually locate for Lightroom). Once in a while the import process has worked OK, but lately, I have this failure to create subfolder problem every  the time.

          I, too, am  importing/copying from an SD card (read by my Mac Mini's built-in reader).



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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            By default, the Folders panel does not show the folders in a tree like the OS does. To fix that, select a folder that should be a the leaf of the tree, right-click on it, and select "show parent". Repeat as needed.

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              dasams Level 1

              Thanks for your comment  but I've always been able to see my full file structure in the folders view.  Also, I just result my catalog and now LR is working correctly, i.e., new imports are going into their newly created subfolder and the detailed file structure is displayed in the folder view.