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    haze ajustment filter disapears, The filter in LR V6.1.1 disappears

    Pierre de Rumine

      I have been using the haze button from the first day onward. Today it diasappeared again!


      On my Portable PC, for an unknown reason the Haze button disappears, every once in a while.


      What is Adobe doing to my systems OS or its software?  Or is it an other program the source of my recurring problem ? This is not very professional. How can I fix this?


      I am using the Adobe Cloud and pay 36,89 EUR- per month. I also bought LRV6 on a stand alone basis.

      LR V 6.1.1 and Camera 9.1.1


      My Toshiba Satellite P750 Portable runs on

      Win 7 SP1 64 Bit

      Intel Core i7-2630 QM CPU @ 2.00 GHZ

      6,00 Go RAM.


      I fight for getting the English version on my PC's. I used to be in the US, but in France I have problems keeping my English version in the Cloud and during my usage of the Cloud, on every other day I get a request to sign in. Is that the problem?


      Hope someone has an idea on how to get a stable product. Thanks