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    After Effects - How to bind Mouse4 and Mouse5 to TimeStepBack and TimeStepForward ?

    Pancake Delight Level 1

      Hellow everyone. Does anyone know how to bind Mouse4 to TimeStepBack and Mouse5 to TimeStepForward on AfterFX ?


      When I go into the "Adobe After Effects 11.0 Shortcuts.txt" and add the following text in bold nothing happens :

      "TimeStepBack" = "(Ctrl+LeftArrow)(PageUP)(Mouse4)"

      "TimeStepForward" = "(Ctrl+RightArrow)(PageDOWN)(Mouse5)"


      OPTIONAL extra info : On AfterFX I am currently using the RotoBrush in order to separate an object and make it glow later, however it would be much more convinient for me to be able to keep my left hand on the left of the keyboard on Ctrl or Alt in order to add or remove some rotobrushes, and at the same time keep my right hand on my mouse clicking on Mouse5 to go one frame forward. Having to click on Ctrl+right arrow takes ages when i have to rotobrush a long scene and going forward with a simple click would be faster than anything else anyways. Anyone would know how to do that ? Thank you