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    Now that it's out, are Photoshop elements 9 and premiere elements 11 compatible with windows 10?


      I'm wanting to upgrade to a new computer with Win 10.  Will my PE 9 and Premiere elem 11 work OK?

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          I have Windows 10 on two computers, and Premiere Elements 11 and other versions of Premiere Elements, 7 to 13, are running OK on them.


          I work mostly with Premiere Elements, but I have looked at some versions of Photoshop Elements on Windows 10, namely Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, and each seems to working OK.


          My impression has been that the Premiere Elements successes and failures are the same before and after the upgrade to Windows 10.

          The less extensive work that I have done with Photoshop Elements on Windows 10 suggests the same.


          What are your plans - upgrade an existing Windows 7 or 8.1 64 bit to Windows 10 or buy a new computer that comes with Windows 10?

          I upgraded Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit and Windows 8.1 64 bit which had Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements installed from the prior operating system. I had no program re-installs to do for these Elements programs. And, for some troubleshooting for another, I found that a fresh install of these programs on Windows 10 64 bit also works well.


          One of the requirements for Premiere Elements is having the latest version of QuickTime installed on the computer along with Premiere Elements. The latest version of QuickTime 7.7.8 does not seem to work on Windows 10. The suggested version of QuickTime on Windows 10 is 7.7.6 - until Apple straightens out the QuickTime version for Windows 10.


          Just in case mention - do not forget the 9.0.1 Update for 9.0 before or after upgrade to Windows 10.


          Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.




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          Also see my comments in the following Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum Photoshop Elements 10 is not Compatible with Windows 10 accoring to Adobe Chat (Amit)