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    Looping Audio Format Support

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      I've made this feature request numerous times, but I'm wondering if others would find it useful.  Basically, I use lots of looping audio formats to use as background music for narrations; it's usually very useful because I can use it for as long as I need to because the music loops.  However, Premiere Pro and Audition don't accept particular looping formats at all or don't accept them the way that would be ideal.


      What would be nice is if both Premiere Pro and Audition could natively import looping audio files (Such as BRSTM, BCSTM, BFSTM, Looping OGG, etc.) and then using the Extend Edit function to extend the music on infinitely directly within a multitrack session of Audition or a sequence in Premiere so that it can easily match the length of a given narration.  Not only would such a method allow me to store high-quality small-sized audio files (since they only contain the introduction and the looping segment), but it would also allow me to easily extend the music as long as it needs to play for in the narration.


      The current method I use involves this tool that I convinced somebody to make:


      Basically, I put the file in from the looping format (like BRSTM) and I can get the various segments I need exported as wave files that Adobe can recognize.  I put the introduction part in front (song start to loop start) and then put the "loop start to end" afterwards and just copy the "loop start to end" part over and over again until it matches the length of my narration.  Because so much of my music is in a looping format, if Adobe could natively import the audio and then extend it as long as I need it to (automatically repeating the same looping section of the audio files as need-be), that would be extremely beneficial to my workflow.  If anybody it worried about it generating an infinitely long peak file or something, all the Adobe software would have to do would be to tell itself to use the same image of the waveform over again as long as the looping music file has been extended to; it wouldn't need to generate an infinitely long peak file but instead just use the same one and repeat it.


      Does anybody else see the use in this?  I think it would be great if somebody could develop some kind of plug-in to make this possible, but I doubt that too many other people would have as much of a use for it as I would.  I've requested this to Adobe multiple times with yet to get a response, so I doubt that it's high on their agenda.  Oh well, I guess I can keep dreaming.  But I'd still love to hear your comments.