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    How to remove ColumnSeries drop shadow

      In the Flex 2 Language Reference, the page for Class ColumnSeries lists under MXML syntax: itemRenderer=" BoxItemRenderer"

      However, another document says "The default styles for BarSeries, ColumnSeries, and LineSeries classes use the ShadowBoxItemRenderer..." (Building and Deploying Flex 2 Applications > Building and Deploying Overview > Optimizing Flex Applications > Improving Flex Charting Component Performance > Using Drop Shadows)

      So, the issue of drop shadow usage is already unclear. Furthermore, I'm using a modification of the BoxItemRenderer as the itemRenderer of my ColumnSeries, adding only some code that reads a property from the item property (the data associated with the chartItem), and depending on its value, changes the alpha of the itemRenderer. In practice, what happens is that an itemRollOver causes the column rolled over to go transparent.

      The problem is, when I roll over the bar, the bar's color mixes with a grey/black color, the color of the drop shadow, which has persisted still. I've even tried commenting the part of my BoxItemRenderer-based code so that g.beginFill(0xff0000) is used, rather than the methods to extract the current fill. The problem does not go away.

      Where and how is the drop shadow actually controlled??