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    How to import books to new PC from backup files of old PC?


      Win 10 upgrade screwed up my PC to the extent, that I had to do a clean reinstall of Win 7 from recovery DVD. First, I did a backup of important files, so I do have the old My Digital Editions folder located in Documents. After installing ADE in the recovered Win 7 PC, I thought I could just replace the new My Digital Editions folder with the old one from backup, but that doesn´t work. One problem is that I am not sure what version of ADE I had. I have tried both ADE 4 and ADE 3 and none of them work with my old backup My Digital Editions folder. I can´t find an installer for ADE 2, so I haven´t tried that.


      If Windows crash and you have to restore it completely, you must be able to recover your ADE books from backup, if you are lucky to have one. I just can´t imagine otherwise. Does anyone know how?