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    Composition refresh / preview incredibly slow CC 2015

    Formatik Mediaontwerp Level 1

      Hi there,


      The refresh of the image inside of the composition panel in AE 15 is so slow.. Even when i only move a single image/layer it takes up to a minute to even SHOW that I've moved it. And no, the scene is not very complex. This is so incredibly annoying. Is it just me? Preview rendering is okay though, much faster than CC14. But while im building a scene it takes soooo muuuuch time. I can't really see what im doing while animating, that will not do. It hampers everything i do with AE.


      Any thoughts?


      Im on a mac pro 2012 5,1

      OSX 10.10.4

      2 x 3,46 Ghz 6 core

      48 Gb ram of which 30 Gb is allocated to Adobe pool

      GTX 970 with 4 Gb ram

      Cache is on a separate internal SSD