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    Music and mailto problems

      Hello again,
      Ive got a sprite that turns music on and off when the sprite is clicked, however on the first click it just goes to the begining of the track, the second click stops the track and the third click starts the track again, and so on....

      What I want is to get rid of the first click so that it doesnt go back to the begining of that track and instead stops the track.

      Heres the Lingo I used:
      property pUsage

      on beginSprite me

      on mouseup me

      case pUsage of
      puppetsound 2,"NEWGEN~1"

      puppetsound 2,0
      end case

      Another question of mine is how do I make a mailto sprite?

      Thanks again for everybodys help.
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          duckets Level 1
          Assuming the music is always playing initially, change the line inside your beginsprite handler to:


          hope this helps!

          - Ben
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            razta101 Level 1
            Nice one!!! That worked perfectly. Any ideas on ther mailto sprite?


            I used the Open URL Xtra from www.mods.com.au
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              duckets Level 1
              > Any ideas on ther mailto sprite?

              Quick way: (but opens a browser window during the process)

              on mouseUp me

              Better way:

              Use postNetText to send data to a server-side script (such as formmail), which then sends the email for you.

              hope this helps!

              - Ben

              P.S. in future when asking two unrelated questions, post two separate threads. It makes it easier for people to find it who might be able to help with your question, and it helps people in future find an answer if they are searching for the same problem!