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    ColumnChart's itemMouseUp event isn't working properly

      I'm trying to coordinate the itemRollOver, itemRollOut, itemMouseDown, and itemMouseUp events on a ColumnChart to change the chart data, which then affects a custom item renderer, allowing for mouse effects.

      All events on the ColumnChart work fine, except for the itemMouseUp. I have:

      <mx:ColumnChart id="cycleHistoryChart" width="100%" height="100%" showDataTips="true" dataProvider="{chartData}"
      itemRollOut="trace('out test'); mouseOutHandler(event, cycleHistoryChart)"
      itemMouseUp="trace('up test'); mouseUpHandler(event, cycleHistoryChart)">

      As you can see, i placed trace statements directly in the MXML tag event handler code/attributes. The trace statement works for the itemRollOut but not for itemMouseUp. I removed the other two listeners temporarily to make sure those mouse movements weren't interfering.

      To be clear -- I'm testing itemMouseUp by placing my mouse pointer over a column in the column chart, pressing down the left mouse button, holding it for as much as 1 second, and then releasing it. The trace statement never executes.