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    Lightroom will not install

    Craig Larsen

      I am reaching out to the Lightroom community to assist in getting up and running Lightroom.  I have downloaded the program, but I get a pop up window that states:  "The Lightroom catalog cannot be used because the parent folder “/Users/craiglarsen2020” does not allow files to be created within it. Please either fix the folder permissions before continuing or choose a different catalog".  I cannot find the folder, so I have tried "choose a different catalog.  No Luck.  Hopefully I am not a complete idiot with this. 

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          What type of system are you using, Windows or OS X?


          The Users folder is normally in the ROOT of the System drive, IE the drive letter or name (Windows or OS X respectively) the operating system in installed one.


          In Windows that would normally be C:\Users. On OS X (which I what I think you are using) it is Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserName or in Finder the House icon, that is your Home folder (IE your User Name folder. OS X has a habit of changing file/folder permissions randomly, at least that was my experience when I used a Mac with OS X.


          Once you locate it Right Click and select Get Info. At the bottom of that window is a permissions area. Make sure your Username and System is listed and  both have Read/Write permissions.