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    Colour bit depth in After Effects (and Speedgrade) from Premiere project

    plodsmeade Level 1

      I have a PP project which is an edit of some DPX files, which have been graded by direct link to Speedgrade.


      If from this I link to AE using the 'replace footage with After Effects composition' command, I can see the original DPX clips in the AE project pane with 'trillions of colors' (i.e. 10-16 bit).


      If instead I import the PP project through the direct link menu in AE (which has the benefit of retaining the grading from Speedgrade), the project appears as having 'millions of colours' (i.e. 8bit).


      I understand that PP can only export media at max 10bit, but what is the status of direct link in this regard (both PP-AE and PP-Speedgrade)?


      Also, how can I find out the actual bit depth of the original DPX files (I assume 10bit but I don't know)?


      Given the footage in question I would like to keep the DPX bit depth for as long as possible in the workflow.