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      I use RoboHelp for Word in French but when one opens the on line help on another computer that mine, some buttons appear in English.
      How to configure this?
      Thank you
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hello Frederique and welcome to our community

          Well, we are partway there. Before offering any sort of answer, it would be helpful to know what output you are producing. WinHelp? WebHelp? FlashHelp? JavaHelp? Oracle Help?

          Also, are we to assume that the computers other than yours are all using the same localized operating system? For example, you said you were using RoboHelp for Word in French, so I'm assuming your Windows and Word are French versions. Does this also mean the users you are talking about also have French versions? (Hopefully they do)

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hello and thanks for your answer.
            My on line help is in Microsoft HTML Help and indeed the other users have Windows 2000 or XP in French.
            I still did not find why that did that to me...
            Good beginning of day

            I didn't succeed in taking again the same nickname... I don't know how to make it...