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    How do I import TIFF Files into Lightroom?


      Hi All,


      I am trying to scan some old negatives for my father and on Friday I scanned a roll of 35mm as a 16bit Linear TIFF. I then saved them to my desktop. LR import recognised them ok and I managed to import them ok and the go between Photoshop and my plugin app ok.


      I have not just tried to scan a second roll in exactly the same process but now Lightroom won't recognise anything TIFF file on my desktop.


      Opening direct in Photoshop works fine. I just can't import in LR which is kind of important to me as I wanted to scan all the film, catalog them as negatives in LR, and then over the next few weeks opening the through LR as 'edit original' in PS and my plugin, make my adjustments and save the file in PS which will then save the corresponding file in LR.


      Any ideas?