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    Error messages - newly installed Lightroom


      I have just installed Adobe Lightroom on my MacBook (OSX), and on opening I get 2 error messages:

      "Cannot create the required folder: /users/carotritton/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets"


      "An error occurred when attempting to change modules"

      I have been trying to follow a Feb 2014 discussion about the second message (changing modules)

      Solution 1  suggests checking for updates. I assume I have the latest version as I only just signed up to the plan. How do I check. In "get info" I can't see what version it is. Under name and extension it just says Adobe Lightroom. I tried downloading Adobe Lightroom 5, but instead of updating it gave me another App called Lightroom 5 and asked me to pay for it so I put it in Trash

      Solution 2 says drag the preference file to Trash, but I don't understand where to look or what I am looking for.

      There are other suggested solutions, but I want to try 1 & 2 first.

      I really need talking through like an idiot, because while I can use Applications reasonably well, the stuff that is behind is a mystery to me.

      Thanks for any help.