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    Having issues with continuous rasterization


      I am working on an animation in after effects from an AI file. I have everything separated on layers and it is all neat and organized. Before this animation, I did two others that included using the stroke effect to reveal certain elements within the animation. When applying this effect, then sizing up the elements and using the continuous rasterization, I have had no issues. However, in this third animation, when I size up the animation and add the continuous rasterization, the element with the stroke effect looses its thickness. Instead of being a 5.5 stroke like I animated it with, it become a like .5 stroke. When I deselect the continuous rasterization, the stroke becomes the right size, but is all blurry (since it isn't rasterizing and all). I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix this problem... does anybody know a solution?? You'd be a great help! Thanks!