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    MenuBar Problems

      Opps I put this in the wrong forum intially, my bad.

      Anyone know how to have the itemClick event work for the top level.
      In the example below the top level "For Sale" dosn't work.

      <mx:MenuBar id="mbMain" buttonMode="true" itemClick="menuHandler(event)" dataProvider="{menuBarCollection}"/>

      private function m_funInit():void
      //initialize the MenuBar control
      menuBarCollection = new XMLListCollection(menubarXML);

      public var menuBarCollection:XMLListCollection;
      private var menubarXML:XMLList =

      <menuitem label="Manufactures">
      <menuitem label="Kawasaki" data=" http://www.kawasaki.com/"/>
      <menuitem label="Honda" data=" http://www.honda.com/"/>
      <menuitem label="Suzuki" data=" http://www.suzukicycles.com"/>
      <menuitem label="Yamaha" data=" http://www.yamaha-motor.com"/>
      <menuitem label="KTM" data=" http://www.ktmusa.com"/>
      <menuitem label="Husqvarna" data=" http://www.husqvarnausa.com/"/>

      <menuitem label="For Sale" data="forsale.asp">

      Thanks for the help!