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    Timecode total frame count


      Hey guys,


      I was wondering if it would be possible to build something that would use or build upon the 'Timecode' Video Effect to show a total Frame Count of a clip. So say you have a title card that's 100 frames long. Currently if you apply the effect it would count up from 1-100 as you play through. I would like it just to show total of 100, then if I reduced the duration of the clip, say to 75 frames it would update and show 75 frames. Is something like this possible? Why I ask is because currently I have a workflow that requires at title card with a frame count on each shot, a single project could have hundreds of shots, so across numerous projects the act of just manually adjusting a title card can be rather time consuming.




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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          An effect knows about the clip to which it's applied. It does NOT know about the sequence in which that clip resides, or any variance in framerate introduced by changes to sequence settings...


          Zac, would nesting sequences, and applying 'Matthew's Modified Timecode Effect' as a master clip effect on the nested sequence, get him the data he wants?

          I'm told that PF_UtilitySuite -> GetContainingTimelineID can get you what you need...

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            MatthewWinkler Level 1



            Just to clarify, I'm talking about the frame COUNT of the clip it is applied to, the total frames in a single shot, not the frame rate of the sequence. I know when you hover over a clip you can see the 'Duration' of the clip in either a frame count or the time duration depending on the settings and the frame count effect shows the end number as it's counting up on the last frame. So I need to find a way of getting that total of a single shot to be displayed in text in the top corner of that shot.


            If it's not very clear I may be able to provide screenshots of the desired effect.