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    Non printing layers



      I have written a script to output PDFs from indesign documents. The instructions (the name and folder name) for each PDF appear on a layer named 'Instructions' in the indesign doc. There is an instruction to set this layer to non-printing in the script:

      for (var d = 0; d < docs.length; d++) {
            var doc = app.documents[d];
          var docName = doc.name; 
          var pages = doc.pages; 
          var instructionsLayer = doc.layers.itemByName('Instructions') || null;
          if (instructionsLayer === null){
          } else {
              instructionsLayer.printable = false;



      The script works fine on my computer and that of two others. However there are two further colleagues using it, and on there output PDFs, the instructions layer is still visible. We are all using InDesign CS6, and running the same script. This inconsistency even crops up on the same machine when different users log in.

      Apologies if the answer to this is not a scripting one, but very grateful for any help/ pointers.