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    Adobe lightroom redesign



      As a designer+photographer, I use Adobe Lightroom most of the time. And as powerful it is, it's UX can be improved hell lot. So, here's my redesign of Lightroom, which I did on my spare time. I've tried to simplify the navigation and controls, while keeping the same level of functionality. Don't forget to check the real pixels and let me know your thoughts.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Ignoring the white vs dark background, how does this differ from the current version of LR?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Major changes: the left and right columns are combined at the left, with the right-column functions below that of the left column functions, and the search function is simplified as a single type-in field.


            Minor cosmetic changes: there are no badges on the thumbnails, the interface is more modern in that there aren't any 3D looks to anything, and the size of the controls and font assume a higher-resolution display.


            I wouldn't mind the cleaner look as long as I could actually see the badges via an option; however, the combining of the left and right column functions under a small area would be painful to use, if you actually use something from more than one expanded section at a time.  Perhaps the pain would be less if this was used on a touch screen instead of a mouse or trackpad.