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    Is anyone from Adobe monitoring this community?


      Good morning all.  I posted an issue I'm having with Digital Editions last week and have yet to receive a response from someone within Adobe.  Like the person posted before me, I contacted Adobe directly and they told me that they do not provide support for this product since it is "freeware" and recommended I reach out to this community.  So I did.  But no response.


      Here's the problem I'm having.  I downloaded Digital Edition and then downloaded and saved my ebooks.  I authorized my computer and was able to open the books for my team.  Then work happened and I forgot about the books, we started a new process which required a new Digital ID, and then I got a new computer.  I was reminded of the books last week so I found the email from the vendor and downloaded and installed Digital Editions.  When I opened the App it asked me to authorize the computer, so I did - with my existing Digital ID.  All of the books appeared in the library - wahoo!  But, when I went to open them, I got the message "The vendor account you entered is not associated with the item you are trying to open. Try again.".  I called Adobe, and, well, you know the rest.


      Is there someone out there that can assist me with this?  I followed all of the instructions from the previous post but that didn't resolve the problem.  I believe what I need is for someone to reset the digital password associated with these books, but I don't know if that's possible.  So, I'm reaching out to this community to see if anyone knows whether the Digital ID and password can be reset - not my current Digital ID/password as that's already been done - but reset the digital ID/pw associated with the books so that I can re-authorize and open them on this computer.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,